Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program

The original 12 step Program is one of the most popular and commonly used group therapy techniques to overcome addiction, specifically in alcohol recovery. First published in the 1939 book "Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism", this guideline of principles has been extended to other organizations, such as Narcotics Anonymous. In general terms, the twelve steps are:

1- Admit to be powerless to alcohol.

2- Believe that a Greater Power can provide strength.

3- Turn one's life and will to the care of God.

4- Make a thorough inventory on oneself's moral.

5- Admit to oneself and others the nature of one's wrongdoings.

6- Let God remove defects of character.

7- Ask God to remove any other shortcomings.

8- Make a list of persons that were harmed by one's actions, and be willing to make amends with them.

9- Whenever possible, make direct amends with such people, as long as this doesn't injure others.

10- Continue to perform personal inventory and promptly admit any wrongdoing.

11- Improve conscious contact with God through constant prayer and meditation.

12- Carry the Twelve Step Program message to other alcoholics and practice this twelve principles in all other affairs.

Sponsorship is a key component in these programs. A sponsor is a more experienced recovering alcoholic who guides a less-experienced member through the 12 steps. Some of the usual activities in which the sponsor and his or her "sponsee" engage in are literature discussion, writing and meditation. Once a person reaches the end of the 12 Step Program, he or she is deemed competent to become a sponsor for a new member.

It is important to note that although the program encourages members to respect each other's confidentiality, this is not legally mandated and only constitutes a 12 Step Program group norm.

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