First Call Drug Dependency

First Call Drug Dependency is a collection of informative resources that aim to help those struggling with drug dependency. Although there is not a single definition for substance abuse, in general terms it can be defined as a pattern of harmful behavior that involves the use of illegal drugs, or the abuse of prescription drugs for purposes other than originally intended.

The range of substance abuse in today's society cannot be defined easily. For example, there's a widespread notion that the term "drug abuse" refers exclusively to illegal drugs, and leaves out potentially addictive substances as caffeine or even alcohol. Also, some claim that the recreational and sporadic use of some drugs ( e.g. marijuana) is not harmful and constitutes merely use, not abuse. This last notion is been currently refuted by the latest scientific research, which has shown that marijuana may have more harmful effects on the organism than previously thought. One of the main objectives behind First Call Drug Dependency is to inform about the potential effects of the types of drugs that are most commonly abused, and how to overcome drug dependence in order to pursue a better quality of life.

First Call Drug Dependency also recognizes the vital importance of family support, which plays a key role in the road to recovery and improves alcohol and drug prevention. Many times people that are struggling with drug abuse will not be interested in researching resources that may help them overcome their problem, that is why this website is also directed to concerned family members that may want to learn more about addiction symptoms, drug treatment centers, and other related topics. It is our believe that the drug abuse problem throughout the world is enhanced by ignorance and lack of proper informative resources. An informed person can make better decisions based on solid facts and knowledge; First Call Drug Dependency aims to provide this knowledge and help deter the harmful effects of drug dependency.

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